Whether it's half-term, an Inset day or (in this "new normal") self-isolation, kids will still be kids and their little brains and bodies need to be engaged and entertained.

In the interest of saving your sanity from the constant refrain of "I'm bored" we have created a Busy Jar to help parents keep the kiddos occupied. From creative ideas to activities to get them up and moving, these are all simple things you can do with items around the house and garden and they don't involve screens!

Download our activity sheet to and snip out the 16 different activities. Find an old, clean jar and decorate it to make it personal. Fill it up with our notes and add some more of your own. Do it with the kids (that counts as an activity, right?!) or surprise them with a full jar!

Click on this link to download the activity sheet: http://bit.ly/33hDvNu

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